GSM | ToothTag

ToothTag is a simple Android application with robust possibilities. You can set actions or customizations simply by tagging devices around you without a need for pairing, the only limit is your imagination.

Home Wifi

Forward Calls to VoIP

Park Car

Drop a Pin


Switch Phone to Vibrate

Proximity Rules


Don’t you wish your device knew exactly what you were doing and acted accordingly. With ToothTag it will. like receiving alerts when something is no longer nearby.


Depending on what other wireless devices are nearby or leave your proximity, you can trigger your Android device to automate actions like dropping a pin on a map, music playback, whatever you can think of.

Are You a Developer?

Share is just one example of what is possible with the GSM Proximity Platform. If you think you could build something like Share or want to add low power, lightweight proximity to your app, grab the GSM SDK!

More Questions about Share?

Do you have more questions about Share or GSM Proximity Platform, please feel free contact us. We would love to hear from you!