GSM | Share

The easiest way to exchange files between any nearby laptop, smartphone or tablet. iPad to Windows, Nexus to MacBook – all can finally connect.

Easy and Fast

Share searches up to hundreds of feet around you. Simplicity and speed is the key of Share. We wanted to make sure you could connect with others around with as few steps as possible.

No emailing or copying Links

No device pairing

Works indoors & outdoors

Share uses GSM Proximity Platform to scan and fingerprint the area. Any other device with Share will be able to seamlessly connect with your device.

Works with iOS, OSX, Windows and Android

Uses Wifi, Bluetooth, and Cellular to figure out what else is around

No power hungry GPS used

All Files, All Devices, One Click.

The GSM Proximity platform serves as an intermediary to the cloud between all types of devices and platforms. Think of Share as a spacial snapshot connecting your nearby friends, family, colleagues, or even new friends.

PDF’s, Documents, Pictures, Movies, Music, Presentations; Share doesn’t care

Files stored on your Google Drive

No invitation required

Are You a Developer?

Share is just one example of what is possible with the GSM Proximity Platform. If you think you could build something like Share or want to add low power, lightweight proximity to your app, grab the GSM SDK!

More Questions about Share?

Do you have more questions about Share or GSM Proximity Platform, please feel free contact us. We would love to hear from you!